Staff & Alumna


Lisa Fleming

Research Assistant
The Water Institute at UNC


UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Alumna
Lisa’s interests lie in turning data into knowledge that can be used to assist organizations and governments with making well-supported decisions in WaSH policy and practice. Projects she has worked on include urban-rural comparative analysis of WaSH services in the Solomon Islands, determinants of water point functionality in Ethiopia, and quantitative exploration of rural household sanitation service quality for a 14-country evaluation. She has consulted and collaborated with teams in Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Oceania, including two years in Sri Lanka. Lisa holds a BS in Economics from University of California Berkeley and an MS in Environmental Engineering from UNC. She is currently doing quantitative analysis at the Water Institute and consulting for ConAgua (Mexico’s National Water Commission) and UNICEF Mexico.

Selected Projects
Selected Research Products
  • Health risk perceptions are associated with domestic use of basic water and sanitation services—Evidence from rural Ethiopia. 2018. Anthonj, C., Fleming, Lisa, Godfrey, S., Ambelu, A., Bevan, J., Cronk, R., and Bartram, J. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (15)10: 2112.
  • Improving monitoring and water point functionality in rural Ethiopia. 2018. Anthonj, C., Fleming, Lisa, Cronk, R., Godfrey, S., Ambelu, A., Bevan, J., Sozzi, E., and Bartram, J. Water. 10(11): 1591.
  • Solomon Islands Urban Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Baseline Report. 2018. Anthonj, Carmen, Fleming, Lisa, Shields, Kate F., and Cronk, Ryan. The Water Institute at UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. (forthcoming)
  • Solomon Islands Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools Census Report. 2019. Anthonj, C., Fleming, Lisa., and Anderson, D. The Water Institute at UNC, Chapel Hill, NC, USA. (forthcoming)
  • Urban and rural sanitation in the Solomon Islands: How resilient are these to extreme weather events? 2019. Fleming, Lisa, Anthonj, C., Thakkar, M.B., Tikoisuva, W.M., Manga, M., Howard, G., Shields, K.F., Kelly, E., Overmars, M. and Bartram, J. Science of the Total Environment. 683: 331-340.
Email: Lisa Fleming