Tori Klug

M.S. Program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Advisor: Professor Jamie Bartram

Tori Klug is a Graduate Research Assistant with the Water Institute at UNC and a Master’s student in the Department of Environmental Sciences & Engineering (ESE). Tori’s research interests focus on the development, implementation, and management of technology capable of maintaining safe delivery of water in underserved communities. Specifically, Tori’s graduate research focuses on the role of post-construction support in the sustainability of community-managed water systems. She has experience working with academic, non-governmental, and local organizations to implement water treatment systems in rural communities in Central America and South Asia. Tori received her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 2014. Upon completion of her Master’s, Tori intends to continue to work with NGOs and governments to improve sustainable access to safe drinking water globally.

Current Project: Understanding Processes for Sustainability in Community-Managed Water Supply Systems

Research Interests:

  • WaSH in less developed countries
  • sustainability of water systems
  • monitoring and evaluation to improve innovation and service provision
  • water quality and treatment

Klug, Tori