Meghan Miller

PhD candidate, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Advisor: Professor Jamie Bartram

Meghan Miller is a graduate student in the doctoral program in the Environmental Sciences and Engineering department. Her research addresses the sustainability of rural drinking water systems in sub-Saharan Africa. She is specifically focused on solar-powered drinking water systems. Her duties include working with NGOs, local governments, and communities to identify how community members contribute to the sustainability of solar systems and determine how communities should be supported by external support providers. Meghan received her MSPH from the Environmental Sciences and Engineering department at the University of North Carolina and graduated from Carleton College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences and Environmental Sciences.

Research Interests:

  • Financial sustainability of solar-powered drinking water systems
  • Equity in access to and use of water sources
  • Appropriate application of innovative technologies in the WaSH sector
Meghan Miller