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Ryan Cronk, PhD

Ryan uses data science and systems approaches to identify opportunities to address ‘wicked’ environmental health engineering problems in low-resource settings. He is particularly interested in using research findings and knowledge products to improve policy and practice decision making.

Carmen Anthonj, PhD

Carmen is a medical geographer who focuses on the interlinkages between the environment, water, and human health. She applies mixed methods and multidisciplinary perspectives, and investigates risk perceptions and health-related behaviours. Carmen is currently working on WaSH in Small Island Developing States (SIDS), particularly in Pacific Island States.

Musa Manga, PhD

Musa is a Water and Environmental Engineer whose research focuses on improving planning, monitoring, and implementation of Sanitation and Faecal sludge management practices in the global south. He realizes this through pathogen and Faecal hazard tracking in communities; life-cycle costing of water and sanitation programmes; optimization and application of sustainable human excreta, wastewater and solid waste management technologies to achieve effective pathogen inactivation and resource recovery.