Ryan Cronk

Ryan uses data science and systems approaches to identify opportunities to address ‘wicked’ environmental health engineering problems in low-resource settings. He is particularly interested in using research findings and knowledge products to improve policy and practice decision making. He  worked with the Water Institute from 2011 to 2020, assisting with a number of research projects such the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning projects and co-authored more than twenty publications. During his time as a doctoral student at UNC, Ryan provided technical assistance to WHO and UNICEF on monitoring and evaluating WaSH in the post-2015 development agenda. Specifically, Ryan supported a review on the safety of improved sources (the results of which were published in PLoS Medicine and Tropical Medicine and International Health) and a policy and practice paper on monitoring, standards, and guidelines for WASH in non-household settings, such as schools and health care facilities. His research interests focus on monitoring, evaluation, and learning for equitable, sustainable, and safe delivery of drinking water services in developing countries. Ryan has WaSH-related field experience in ten developing countries across South Asia, Oceania, Central America, and Sub Saharan Africa.

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Selected Projects
Selected Research Products
  • The Enabling Environment for Participation in Water and Sanitation: A Conceptual Framework. Alejandro Jiménez, Hélène LeDeunff, Ricard Giné, Johanna Sjödin, Ryan Cronk, Sofia Murad, Marina Takane, and Jamie Bartram. 2019. Water, Volume 11, Issue 308. doi:10.3390/w11020308 .
  • Environmental conditions in health care facilities in low-and middle-income countries: coverage and inequalitiesRyan Cronk, Jamie Bartram. 2018. International journal of hygiene and environmental health, Volume 221: 409-422.
  • A systematic scoping review of hygiene behaviors and environmental health conditions in institutional care settings for orphaned and abandoned children. Moffa, M., Cronk, R., Fejfar, D., Dancausse, S., Acosta Padilla, L., Bartram, J. 2019. Science of the Total Environment. 658:1161-1174.
  • A systematic scoping review of environmental health conditions and hygiene behaviors in homeless sheltersMoffa, M., Cronk, R., Fejfar, D., Dancausse, S., Acosta Padilla, L., Bartram, J. 2018. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health.
  • Improving environmental conditions for involuntarily displaced populations: water, sanitation, and hygiene in orphanages, prisons, and refugee and IDP settlements. Nikki Behnke, Ryan Cronk, Marielle Snel, Michelle Moffa, Raymond Tu, Brandie Banner, Caroline Folz, Darcy Anderson, Alison Macintyre, Eric Stowe, Jamie Bartram. 2018. Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for DevelopmentPage 019.
  • A categorization of water system breakdowns: Evidence from Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. Tori Klug, Ryan Cronk, Katherine F Shields, Jamie Bartram. 2018. Science of the Total Environment, Volume 619: 1126-1132.
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