2018 Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy

Thank you for joining us at Nexus 2018, April 16-18th at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, NC. Photos from the conference can be viewed here.  No password is required. To download, click on any thumbnail to enlarge. Hover mouse/pointer over top left of enlarged picture. Options will appear. “Original” or “all available originals” is the recommended setting.



Plenary Sessions

Opening Plenary: Reflecting on the Future of Water, Health, Science and Policy
Tuesday Plenary: Collaboration by Design: Accelerating Progress Toward Sustainable Water and Sanitation Through Partnerships
Wednesday Plenary: The Opportunity Created by Improved Development Effectiveness and the Collaborative Behavior (coordinated by SWA)
Thursday Plenary: Role of AID: End of AID?

About the Conference

The Water and Health Conference explores drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resources in both developing and developed countries with a strong public health emphasis.

The 2018 Water and Health Conference themes included:

  • Measuring Progress Toward SDG Targets,
  • Water Scarcity,
  • Rural Water Supply,
  • WaSH Equity and Inclusion, and
  • WaSH in Emergencies.