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Abstract Book

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Conference Participant List

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Presentation Downloads

NameAffiliationTitleDownload Link
Keynote Presentations
Dr. Ronald AtlasUniversity of Louisville
Former Chair One Health Commission
One HealthDownload
Gary A. Toranzos and Alfredo GonzalezAncient DNA Center/ Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasIndicators of Microbial Quality of Waters: From D’Herelle to “What the Hell?”Download
Professor Huw TaylorUniversity of BrightonRight here, right now?
The which, where and when of disease transmission barriers

Verbal Presentations
Akebe Luther King Abiaa1, Eunice Ubomba-Jaswab2, Maggie Mombaa11 Department of Environmental, Water and Earth Science, Tshwane University of Technology, Arcadia Campus,
2 Natural Resources and the Environment, CSIR
High prevalence of Multiple Antibiotic-Resistant (MAR) bacteria in riverbed sediments of the Apies River, South Africa: a possible health threat to populations living in resource poor settingsDownload
Mark Van Asten1,2, Jason N Woodhouse2, Leonardo Pinheiro3 , Kerry R Emslie3 and Brett A Neilan21 Diagnostic Technology Pty Ltd
2 School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, UNSW Australia
3 National Measurement Institute (NMI), Australia
Development and standardisation of the PhytoxigeneTM CyanoDTec Test: A rapid molecular assay for the routine monitoring and differentiation of toxin producing cyanobacterial bloomsDownload
Gail Brion1, Matt King2 and Trish Coakley11 University of Kentucky-ERTL, 2 TivaWaterDefining Best and Worst-Case Bacterial Removals for a Home Water Treatment and Storage UnitDownload
Gail Brion and Tricia CoakleyEnvironmental Research and Training Labs, College of Engineering, University of KentuckyUsing Human-Associated DNA Biomarkers for Bacteroidales in a Simple, Multiparameter Model to Pinpoint Hotspots and Rank Fecal Sources in an Urban WatershedDownload
Ryan CronkThe Water Institute at UNCHow safe are improved drinking water sources in low- and middle- income countries? Evidence from systematic reviewsDownload
Joseph O. Falkinham, IIIVirginia TechEnvironmental Sources of Nontuberculous MycobacteriaDownload
Lisa HirshAquagenxCompartment Bag Test (CBT): How to Test, Teach and Treat Water in Rural Areas of Developing Countries to Eliminate Waterborne DiseaseDownload
Christopher E. Lawson1, Ananda S. Bhattacharjee2, Sha Wu21 University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2 The University of UtahDistributed metabolism in suspended and attached growth anammox bioreactors revealed through metagenomic sequencingDownload
Isaiah Shapiro, EIT
Dimitri Katehis PhD, PE
Dave Hagan, PE
Greeley and HansenEffective Use Of Peracetic Acid to Reduce Effluent Disinfection Byproduct in Water Resource Recovery FacilitiesDownload
Joshua SteeleSouthern California Coastal Water Research ProjectThe Surfer Health Study: Microbial Water Quality Measurements Supporting a Combined Wet Weather Surfer Epidemiology and QMRA Study in San Diego, CADownload
Conference Posters
Tayyebatossadat P.S Aghaei1, Frank Husson2, Allen Johnston31 Research Engineer at Solar Solution LLC, 2 President of Solar Solution LLC, 3 Vice President of Dental Materials at Designer Molecules, Inc.Small Solar Water Pasteurizer Techniques for Water Disinfection in Rural
Area of Developing Countries
Isaiah Shapiro, EIT
Dimitri Katehis PhD, PE
Lin Liang, PE
Greeley and HansenBalancing Environmental Stewardship and Cost in the Disinfection of Wet Weather Flows in
Water Resource Recovery Facilities