The call for side event submissions is now open!

Deadline to Submit: May 3, 2021

Water and Health: Science, Policy and Practice side event submissions will be accepted through May 3, 2021.

Submit a Side Event

Proposals for side events, such as workshops, working group meetings, networking sessions, training courses or open forums, are now open for submission. Side events are an opportunity for individuals or groups to bring together a range of stakeholders to focus on one specific area of interest in the format of their choice. Since room availability is limited, side events are highly competitive. Learn more about side events and other Conference sessions here.

If your side event is selected, there is no cost to organize and host a side event at the Conference site in Chapel Hill, NC. However, because space is limited, competition is high and winning proposals must include: a diverse group of conveners (policy, practice, donors, researchers), a relevant sector topic, information about marketing the event, the anticipated audience, the event type, key learning objectives, and proposed agenda.   

Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal:

Proposals will be reviewed by the Conference committee and individuals who are the designated point of contact for the proposal will receive notification by July 2021. Proposals submitted after the deadline (May 3, 2021) will not be considered. 

  • Proposals must be submitted via the online form.
  • Descriptions are limited to 500 words.
  • Side event titles are limited to 15 words.
  • Proposals must include ‘Key Learning Objectives & Outcomes’.
  • Proposals must include an ‘Agenda’.
  • Incomplete proposals can not be reviewed.

Proposal Considerations:

  • The content and format as well as recruiting presenters and marketing workshops are entirely the responsibility of the side event applicant and proposal team.
  • All side event applicants must register for the Conference and any additional expenses are the responsibility of the side event applicant.
  • Accepted side event proposals will be listed in the Conference program and briefly described in conference materials, and not otherwise promoted by the Conference host.
  • The duration of each side event session is 1.5 hours but may change if Conference is moved to a virtual format. 
  • Side events must be highly interactive, help advance knowledge, move the sector forward, and use an array of presentation formats to appeal to all learning styles.

Meeting Room Set-Up and Equipment*:

The following AV equipment will be provided by conference organizers and available in each side event meeting room at the Conference venue:  

  • Screen and projector with sound capability
  • Laptop computer (Windows PC) with slide advancer (clicker)
    • MAC compatible laptops (bring your laptop and connection cables if needed)
  • Podium with wired microphone
  • 1 wireless lavalier microphone
  • 1 panel table to accommodate up to 2 people
  • 1 flip chart and markers
  • Theater-style seating (chairs set in rows without tables)

If you rearrange chairs for your session, you will need to put them back as found before the next session begins. If not reset to the original style, a $150 reset fee will be charged to side event organizers. Additional audio-visual services and equipment, if needed, are available for a charge and payment will be collected on site prior to the side event. Please reserve additional items in advance to ensure they are available and be prepared to pay additional charges. 

*Not applicable if the Conference is virtual. Format and length of side events are subject to change.