Darcy Anderson

Doctoral Student

Darcy is a PhD candidate and Royster Society fellow who joined UNC and the Water Institute in the fall of 2017. Darcy holds a Bachelor of Science in biology and community health from Tufts University and a Master of Public Health in global health from Emory University.

Darcy’s research interests are founded in understanding and improving implementation of WaSH programs in low- and middle-income countries, and the complex collaboration of communities, policy makers, behavioral scientists, engineers, economists, and many others necessary for effective WaSH service delivery. She applies mixed methods and implementation science and quality improvement frameworks to understand how components of the WaSH system can best work together to improve health and wellbeing in low-resource settings. Her dissertation focuses on mechanisms for improving implementation of rural WaSH programming in Nepal, including identifying and leveraging effective innovations and supporting women in community-based implementation roles. She also collaborates on the Water Institute’s trials of continuous quality improvement to address challenges with implementation of point-of-use water treatment and safe storage in sub-Saharan Africa. She currently leads the impact evaluation of a safe storage trial conducted in Burkina Faso.

In addition to her work on implementation and program quality in rural WaSH, Darcy works with the Water Institute on environmental health in healthcare facilities. She led development of a model and practitioner-friendly toolkit for assessing environmental health costs in healthcare facilities, and applied these tools in the field with data collection in a network of facilities in urban Malawi.

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