World Vision Evaluation – Reporting

WV and the WI conducted an evaluation of WV’s WaSH programs across 14 countries to assess status of WaSH and the effectiveness of programming. This was the largest WaSH evaluation conducted to date with 36,860 households, 2,532 water points, 2,035 HCFs, and 2,691 schools sampled across 14 countries; and a total of 11,411 water quality samples collected. In the interest of transparency and maximizing the impact of these findings, we are reporting the results as an open-source resource on the Water Institute website.

Below you will find links to resources including a presentation that gives an overview of lessons learned, the final report produced for World Vision, and a page with peer-reviewed publications that resulted from this project.

Lessons learned

An overview of lessons learned from this project is available in this presentation.

Final report

Findings from the World Vision 14-country evaluation are consolidated in this Final Report and Annexes.


The evaluation resulted in several peer-reviewed publications; we will add papers to the list as they are published.

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