Rural:urban inequalities in post 2015 targets and indicators for drinking-water

Disparities in access to drinking water between rural and urban areas are compounded by disparities in aspects of water service such as safety and time to collect water. There have been calls for setting higher standards in urban areas which would exacerbate the already extreme rural disadvantage. We suggest the focus should be kept on achieving universal access to safe water (primarily in rural areas) while monitoring progress towards higher service levels, including greater water safety (both in rural and urban areas and across economic strata). The commentary was published in Science of the Total Environment.

Rural: Urban Inequalities in Post 2015 Targets and Indicators for Drinking-water. R. E. S. Bain, J. A, Wright, E. Christenson, J. K. Bartram. 2014. Science of The Total Environment, 490:15, pp. 509–513.