Rethinking Sustainability, Scaling Up, and Enabling Environment

The terms sustainability, scaling up, and enabling environment are commonly applied in water supply management research, yet they are often inconsistently used. In Water, we developed a framework to assess the use of these terms and applied it to a hypothetical water supply project in schools. We conclude that effective use of the terms should focus on perspective (who is using them), purpose (why they are being used), and process (how they are being used). This research provides important lessons for practitioners and researchers on how to implement and analyze these terms in the future.

Rethinking Sustainability, Scaling Up, and Enabling Environment: A Framework for Their Implementation in Drinking Water Supply. U. Amjad, E. Ojomo, K. Downs, R. Cronk, J. Bartram. 2015. Water 7:4, pp. 1497-1514.