Relative benefits of on-plot water supply over other ‘improved’ sources in rural Vietnam

The Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) defines piped water on premises as an improved source and places it at the top of the drinking-water ladder. In Tropical Medicine and International Health, we assessed a piped water supply program in Vietnam to determine whether systems deliver safe water. We found that on-plot delivery provides significant health and other benefits over other improved sources, even though quality and continuity were not optimal. The study highlighted the need to address risks through water safety plan (WSPs) and household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS).

Relative Benefits of On-plot Water Supply over Other ‘improved’ Sources in Rural Vietnam. J. Brown, V. Thi Thien, L. McMahan, M. W. Jenkins, L. Thie, K. Liang, E. Printy, M. D. Sobsey. 2012. Tropical Medicine and International Health 18:1, pp. 65–74.