Public Health and Social Benefits of at-house Water Supplies

We carried out a mix of secondary and primary research to examine the hypothesis that
access to an at-house water supply will deliver significantly greater health, social and
economic benefits than those derived from a shared public water supply. Our research
was based on a mix of literature review and field-base case studies. Fieldwork was
carried out in three countries; Ghana, South Africa and Vietnam and used a mix of data
collection methods, specifically a three-part household questionnaire, which included
anthropometric measures and the measurement of water collection journeys, natural
group discussions, and contextual checklists.

Public Health and Social Benefits of at-House Water Supplies. B. Evans, J. Bartram, P. Hunter, A. Williams, J. Geere, B. Majuru, L. Bates, M. Fisher, A. Overbo, W. Schmidt. 2013.