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Building US Water Infrastructure to Improve Childhood Outcomes Interventions to Decrease Childhood Lead Exposure from Private Wells

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Jamie Bartram – Principal Investigator

Ashley R. Williams

Alycia Overbo


Evans, Barbara, Jamie Bartram, Paul Hunter, Ashley Williams, Jo-Anne Geere, Batsi Majuru, Laura Bates, Michael Fisher, Alycia Overbo, and Wolf-Peter Schmidt. 2013. “Public Health and Social Benefits of at-House Water Supplies.”

Cummings, Oliver, Mark Elliot, Alycia Overbo, and Jamie Bartram. “Does Global Progress on Sanitation Really Lag behind Water? An Analysis of Global Progress on Community- and Household-Level Access to Safe Water and Sanitation” PLOS One 9 (2014): 1-16. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0114699.