Program Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning in WASH

World Vision is assessing utilization of water, sanitation, and hygiene resources, the effectiveness of programming, and the impacts of WASH interventions in achieving World Vision’s Child Wellbeing Targets (CWTs) for ten countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Researchers at the Water Institute carried out a review of WASH evaluations in the sector and World Vision past evaluations to create a harmonized evaluation framework for World Vision. The design, a population based two-stage cluster randomized sample for households and water points and a random sample of schools and health facilities, includes 2700 household, 150 water point, 200 school and 200 health facility surveys and water quality data collection in a sample of households, schools and water points in each of country. Water Institute facilitated training in east, west and southern Africa on the design of the evaluation, before coordinating the facilitation of the evaluation and analyzing the baseline results.

The results will provide World Vision with baseline results, help them target program improvements, and allow them to measure outcomes and impacts from their programs. It will also provide Water Institute researchers an opportunity to study the WaSH evaluation framework and the factors that contribute to sustainability in rural water systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, among other topics.

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