Evaluation of Risk Management Systems and Their Application for Managing Source Water Hazards

This research-practice partnership seeks to improve on the state-level Source Water Assessment Programs required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Amendments of 1996 by moving beyond risk identification toward utility-level prioritization and active risk management, specifically for surface water sources in mixed-use watersheds. The research project, led by Corona Environmental Consulting and the Water Institute at UNC, combines a systematic investigation of potential risk management frameworks and tools with guidance development, utility pilot testing, and evaluation in collaboration with four large US drinking water suppliers. Preliminary findings suggest a participatory approach and integration of risk management principles with existing programs are critical to increased adoption.

Water Institute Researcher(s)

  • Jamie Bartram
  • Karen Setty

Research Product(s)

  • Comparative evaluation of risk management frameworks for US source waters. 2019. K Setty, R Raucher, R McConnell, and J Bartram. AWWA Water Science. 
  • Comparative evaluation of risk management frameworks and tools for managing source water risks in the United States. K Setty, R McConnell, R Raucher, J Luh, and J Bartram. 2018. Poster presented at Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy. Chapel Hill, NC.

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