Evaluating household water treatment performance and scaling up safe drinking water solutions in Ethiopia

Convened by the Government of Ethiopia, the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and Population Services International


From 8-9 February, the Government of Ethiopia in collaboration with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Population Services International organised a workshop to discuss and strategize on key issues identified in a draft action plan on household water treatment and safe storage (HWTS). The draft action plan was first created in 2011 at the International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage East Africa Region HWTS workshop held in Entebbe, Uganda. At this workshop, nationals were challenged to further develop their action plans upon return to their countries. A small amount of seed funding would be granted by WHO and UNICEF to assist countries in implementing these revised action plans. The Ethiopian team identified the need to strengthen evaluation of household water treatment performance using WHO’s risk-based approach and therefore organized this workshop, in part with the seed funding, to address this issue.


  1. Maggie Montgomery – WHO recommendations and evaluation scheme
  2. Yasin Ahmed – Current regulations and registration of HWTS in Ethiopia
  3. Pawan Labhasetwar – India Experience: testing and regulatory considerations
  4. Abiy Girma – National policies and targets on safe-drinking water
  5. Bikila Bayisa – Laboratory testing capabilities and current field testing
  6. Wondewossen – HWTS introduction and utilization in Ethiopia
  7. Lars Osterwalder – Carbon credit opportunity for HWTS
  8. Michael Forson – Building blocks to scaling up HWTS; challenges and opportunities
  9. Getachew. B – Health Policy and HWTS Target and HWTS scaling up
  10. Richard Johnston – HWTS as solutions for geogenic contamination
  11. Simon Peter Odong – HWTS as a solution to emergency response
  12. Alexandre Doyen – Targeting the most vulnerable populations

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