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Carbon credits and HWTS: A viable green funding mechanism

Convened by the Water Institute at UNC


Carbon credits and carbon markets are a component of international attempts to mitigate the growth in concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and thereby slow the climate change phenomenon. Household water treatment (HWT) and clean cook stove implementers have recently tapped into carbon markets to finance the delivery of their programs, on the basis that HWT and clean cook stove projects can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In July 2012, the International Network on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage hosted a webinar to provide an opportunity for Network members to learn more about the topic from three presenters and hear examples of implementation. The objectives of the webinar were to: (1) Provide an overview of how carbon markets function; (2) Identify methodologies for linking HWT to carbon-based funding; and (3) Highlight the main considerations in utilising carbon finance. Following the presentations, a discussion period took place during which participants had the opportunity to pose questions and learn more about this potentially lucrative, and at times controversial, funding mechanism.