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2020 W&H Conference: Improving Hygienic Environments for Children

What the Cluck? Improving Hygienic Environments for Children (USAID WASHPaLS Behavior Change Grantees & Others) Convening Organizations: USAID (WASHPaLS Project); Clean, Fed & Nurtured Coalition; Johns Hopkins University/Food for the Hungry; North Carolina State University/ The Water Trust; Emory University/Gram Vikas; Cranfield University/People in Need; Stanford University; icddr,b; EarthEnable PoultryPoo Haiku Chicks under the bed Tasty dirt outside, sick kids What to do for health? Interactive session featuring pioneering research to protect young children from direct and indirect exposure to human and animal feces, including infant playpens, safe disposal of child feces, improved animal management practices, and improved flooring.