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2020 W&H Conference: Culture & Diversity, Session 1

Women's Sanitation Needs in their Workplaces: A Mixed-methods Study in Mukono, Uganda Natalie Exum, Johns Hopkins University Additional Authors: Simon P.S. Kibira, Julie Hennegan, Justine N. Bukenya, Fredrick E. Makumbi, Kellogg J. Schwab. This work developed new survey methods regarding women's behaviors, attitudes, and practices around sanitation in their workplaces. Both the qualitative and quantitative insights will be shared to allow for replication in other settings.

Audio Diaries: A Novel Method for WASH-related Stress Research Kathleen O'Reilly, Texas A&M University Additional Authors: Satyanarayana Ramanak, William Story, Nancy Angeline, Kelly Baker, Troy Cunningham Audio diaries are a successful qualitative method in stress research; however, as yet, they have not been used to elicit sensitive information regarding WASH-related physical and psychosocial stress. The proposed paper details a feasibility study to develop a novel audio diaries protocol for use in WASH-related stress research with illiterate, rural, Indian women.