Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Water, sanitation, and hygiene programs often monitor outputs and expenditures, but many lack data and evidence adequate to increase efficiency and impact. Without robust data on functionality, quality, sustainability and service delivery, programs are hindered in their ability to take preventative and corrective action.

Through robust metrics and data collection tools, major opportunities exist to use monitoring and evaluation to improve the impact of water, sanitation and hygiene programs, especially for those who need it most. When monitoring is fit for purpose, the resulting evidence can be used by everyone to improve service delivery.

Our goal is to build and strengthen monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) that enables and empowers people to collect, analyze, and act. We build best-in-class MEL frameworks and systems for our partners to track provision and sustainability at all service levels. Our innovative and accessible tools and toolkits can be adapted and scaled to meet the monitoring needs of any program and organization. We share and foster best practices in monitoring to enable our partners to efficiently improve their programs and projects, achieve service level targets, and expand their impact.