Additional COVID-19 Systems Response Resources 

Preparedness and Response 

  • Global WaSH ClusterCOVID-19 Response Guidance Note #01 Establishes goals and responsibilities for the WaSH sector’s COVID-19 response. It does not include technical guidance but does include links to existing technical guidance for reaching each goal. 7 pages. 
  • Global WaSH ClusterCOVID-19 Response Guidance Note #02 Includes technical recommendations on COVID-19 risk mitigation measures at the institutional, community, and household level. 6 pages. 
  • Interagency Standing Committee (International forum of humanitarian partners including WHO, UNICEF, OCHA, and UNHCR)COVID-19 Resources Relating to Accountability and Inclusion Collection of resources on improving the accountability and inclusivity of the humanitarian response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Website. 
  • Interagency Standing Committee (International forum of humanitarian partners including WHO, UNICEF, OCHA, and UNHCR)Scaling-Up COVID-19 Outbreak Readiness and Response Operations in Humanitarian Situations Interim guidance assessing specific needs and considerations of humanitarian situations, including camps and camp-like settings as well as surrounding host communities, in scaling-up multi-sectoral preparedness and response operations for COVID-19. 8 pages.
  • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)Technical WaSH Guidance for COVID-19 Preparedness and Response (UNHCR, 2020) A breakdown of key WaSH guidance for COVID-19 preparedness and response suitable for country and regional planning and for communities. Includes advice specific to refugee settings. 2 pages. 
  • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) COVID-19 WaSH Preparedness and Response – RAPID CHECKLIST Rapid checklist of key WaSH preparedness and response activities for COVID-19 to support regional and country operations in planning and resource mobilization. 1 page. 
  • UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) WaSH Webinar #2 on COVID-19 Summarizes UNHCR operational messages on WaSH preparedness and response to COVID-19. Special emphasis on rural water supplies, communal WaSH infrastructure, and camp settings. 1.5 hours. 
  • WHOCritical Preparedness, Readiness, and Response Actions for COVID-19 Summarizes WHO recommendations for multi-sectoral national and sub-national response to each potential transmission scenario for COVID-19 as well as a full list of available technical guidance from the organization on the novel coronavirus.  

Risk Communication