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Dr. Sozzi has broad interests in the role of innovative engineering infrastructures in the control of domestic and global WaSH-related infectious diseases and protecting global public health in general. His current research focuses on four areas: 1) technologies for the physico-chemical treatment of water and wastewater; 2) water reuse; 3) environmental justice focused research to prepare NC communities to be more resilient to extreme weather events (i.e. global warming mitigation); and 4) water- and sanitation-safety-planning (WSP and SSP).

Topics of particular interest within these areas include:

  1. the disinfection of high-risk human waste (HRHW)
  2. the investigation and control of water- and wastewater-related outbreaks (such as Ebola and cholera)
  3. improving the control and monitoring of antimicrobial resistant (AMR) organisms, as well as genes and pathogens, that are resistant to conventional disinfection methods.  

Dr. Sozzi has previously worked as a consultant for international governmental, non-governmental and private organizations, such as the World Health Organization, MSF (Doctors without Borders) and Oxfam.