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Bio-Rad’s Life Science Group develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range products used for research in functional genomics, proteomics, and food safety. The group ranks among the top five life science companies worldwide, and maintains a solid reputation for quality, innovation, and a longstanding focus on the success of its customers. Bio-Rad’s life science technologies include electrophoresis, imaging, multiplex immunoassay, chromatography, microbiology, bioinformatics, protein function analysis, transfection, flow cytometry, and nucleic acid amplification. Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center specializes in the development of advanced technologies for the rapidly growing field of digital biology – including complete solutions for droplet digital PCR and digital sequencing.


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Independent, third-party testing and certification for evaluation of product performance and contaminant reduction claims.


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The Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test (CBT) is a simple, portable water quality test kit that lets anyone, anywhere determine if drinking water contains E. coli bacteria and poses a health risk. It is ideal for on-site testing in low resource and disaster settings because it generates quantified test results without requiring electricity, labs or extra equipment such as incubators and UV lamps. The CBT’s simplicity and convenience remove the barriers for bacteriological water quality monitoring in any location where testing was previously too difficult or costly.

Artel Logo

Laboratories worldwide depend upon Artel technology and expertise to standardize and optimize their liquid handling instruments and processes, and to give them total confidence in their results. Since 1982, Artel has been solving liquid handling quality, productivity and compliance challenges in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, regulatory bodies, academia, clinical diagnostics, forensics, public health, agbio, food quality and safety and environmental testing.

Artel provides quality assurance systems and a broad and fully customizable range of support, training and consultation services for laboratories using automated liquid handling instrumentation and manual pipettes.

Charm Logo

Charm’s microbial indicator tests for food/water quality, Fast Phage (somatic & male-specific coliphage) and E*Colite (E.coli/coliform), are EPA accepted. Now introducing new Peel Plate® test platforms for heterotrophic and E.coli/coliform quantification.

InnovaPrep Logo

InnovaPrep provides novel tools for effortless and rapid sample preparation and concentration of waterborne bacteria, protozoa, viruses or other microorganisms from large volumes. This technology enables cutting-edge detection instruments to contribute their full potential for same day results. Please visit our booth for a demonstration of the InnovaPrep Concentrating Pipette – the first truly automated liquid to liquid concentrator.

Friends of the Conference

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Bawell is a manufacturer of kitchen counter top water electrolysis machines. Bawell water ionizers produce electrolyzed reduced drinking water by separating the alkaline and acidic minerals present in water. Electrolyzed reduced water has been extensively researched and found to have many health improving qualities not present in ordinary drinking water.

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