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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Type of Appointment: Post-Doctoral Scholar

Position Summary: The Water Institute is recruiting post-doctoral researchers in sanitation, urban water quality, and MEL. Sanitation research will focus on “fecal waste accounting” to estimate the release of untreated waste to the environment from sanitation technologies at various steps of the fecal waste management chain. The candidate will update estimates as data becomes available locally and globally. Research in this area seeks to help prioritize the risks from leakages and their control. The urban water quality researcher will undertake a project to systematically measure the health impact of water safety plans at three sites internationally to determine whether positive impacts achieved are replicable at other sites. The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) team is developing cutting-edge tools and resources for continuous quality improvement of WaSH projects and programs to measure and improve the delivery of WaSH services for rural communities and households. The MEL post-doc will lead various activities to contribute to the main objectives of the program.

For more information: Please see the UNC Human Resources website.