Over 1 Billion at Risk

Based on a recent PLOS Medicine systematic review of over 300 studies of fecal indicator bacteria, global and regional estimates were derived. We estimate that 1.1 billion people drink water from sources that are of at least “moderate” risk (> 10 Escherichia coli per 100 ml). Earlier global burden of disease estimates may have substantially understated the disease burden associated with inadequate water services. The results are reported in a series on the global burden of diarrhoeal disease due to water, sanitation and hygiene and published in Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Global Assessment of Exposure to Faecal Contamination Through Drinking Water Based on a Systematic Review. Bain, Robert, Ryan Cronk, Rifat Hossain, Sophie Bonjour, Kyle Onda, Jim Wright, Hong Yang, Paul Hunter, Annette Prüss-Ustün, and Jamie Bartram. 2014. Tropical Medicine and International Health, 19: 917–927. doi:10.1111/tmi.12334.