Access to Sanitation

The Millennium Development Goal targets on access to water and sanitation measure 1990-2015 progress using community-level and household-level benchmarks, respectively. While the water target has been met, the sanitation target will be missed. However, new research published in PLOS One shows that when equivalent benchmarks are used, the global deficit is as great for water as for sanitation, and sanitation has had greater progress than water. In order to maximize health and other benefits, post-2015 goals should include a single benchmark for water and sanitation at home.

Does Global Progress on Sanitation Really Lag Behind Water? An Analysis of Global Progress on Community- and Household-Level Access to Safe Water and Sanitation. Cumming, Oliver, Mark Elliott, Alycia Overbo, and Jamie Bartram. 2014. PLOS One, 9 (12): e114699. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0114699.