As of 2011, UNICEF and WHO began jointly co-hosting the Network and the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina handles official communications. This tripartite arrangement is staffed by three individuals as outlined below. For more information, download details of the co-hosting arrangements from the WHO website. In addition, the Secretariat is advised by an Advisory Group (AG) and a Public-private Partnership Group (PPG) which meet regularly to discuss various matters.

For an overview of the Network governance structure, mission, objectives and strategy guiding activities, download the Network Phase II strategy from the WHO website.

Advisory Group and Public-Private Partnership Group

The AG will provide strategic advice, programme development and review, and appraisal of Network products. The PPG will offer advice leveraging the financial and professional resources of the private sector to increase the scale and sustainability of household water treatment and safe storage.

The AG and PPG will meet regularly (3-4 times a year) in person or by teleconference to discuss and advise the Network Secretariat on issues of global importance to the scaling up of HWTS and the general, on-going activities of the Network.

  • AG Terms of Reference (Annex 1 to Network Strategy) | Download
  • PPG Terms of Reference | Download
  • AG Meeting Minutes, October 2 2011 | Download
  • PPG Meeting Minutes, October 4 2011 | Download
  • AG/PPG Joint Meeting Minutes, January 27 2012 | Download
  • AG/PPG Joint Meeting Minutes, October 30 2012 | Download
  • AG/PPG Joint Meeting Minutes, March 14 2013 | Download