Rachel Baum

MSPH program, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Advisors: Professors Jamie Bartram and Greg Characklis

Rachel Baum is interested in finding solutions to improve water resource management for a world that is facing growing water stresses. Rachel previously worked on developing a framework to measure progress on the human right to water and sanitation, redefining progress on access to improved sanitation, and understanding truly improved drinking water sources through accounting for microbial quality. All of this work has helped inspire her to search for solutions to improve access to safe drinking water sources, which begins with ensuring available water through improved management and financing. Rachel is now working to find solutions to mitigate water-related risks. Her interests bring together water resource management, environmental economics, and risk management. Her current work focuses on improving water resource management through mitigating financial risks to water systems facing droughts. Her hope is to continue researching and discovering solutions to improve access to safe drinking water sources around the world.

Research Interests:

  • water system risk management
  • water resource management
  • environmental economics
Baum, Rachel