Maura Allaire

PhD program, Environmental Science and Engineering
Advisor: Professor Dale Whittington

Maura Allaire is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Environmental Sciences & Engineering. She focuses on global water and sanitation issues, including flood management, urban services, and impacts of urbanization on hydrologic systems. Her dissertation research focuses on flood management in megacities and assesses a broad range of economic costs to households, useful mitigation actions, and effective communication strategies to encourage households to prepare for future disasters.

Prior to UNC, Maura focused on energy economics at Resources for the Future. Project areas included climate impacts of energy subsidies and cost effectiveness of energy efficiency programs. While on a Fulbright Fellowship to Ghana, she collaborated with the International Water Management Institute and evaluated groundwater interactions with small irrigation reservoirs. She has also had experience in the private sector, as a hydrologist for an environmental consulting firm. Maura earned a BS in both Geology and Economics from Tufts University.

Research Interests:

  • flood management
  • urban water and sanitation
  • environmental economics

Allaire, Maura